Terms Explained: what are prostaglandins?

Did you know that the same weird thing in your body can 1) make periods painful, 2) help cure newborns of certain kinds of heart disease, and 3) make a uterus contract? Welcome to the confusing and impressive world of prostaglandins. Check out this article to learn more!

Building community – and rebuilding it when trucks drive through your walls: an interview with the doula behind The Mother Well

In which I mostly interview Victoria – about her work as a doula, the resources for parents she’s created at Mother Well Doula, her secret life as a young adult fiction writer, and her advice for being a mom and a small business owner –, and then, for a few minutes at the end, we have a back-and-forth conversation about doulas and privacy. 

CDC-recommended routine vaccinations from birth to age 18

If you're like me, you might be showing up blurry-eyed and exhausted to your newborn's countless doctor appointments, just hoping you remembered to wear pants. Keeping track of what vaccines the pediatrician will ask you about can seem like a nearly impossible task. Now, you don't have to. I made a handy list for you here.

Saying goodbye at St. Joe (Mishawaka, IN): what to expect when baby is born still

Here is some information about experiencing a stillbirth at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Mishawaka, Indiana. This information came from my personal correspondence with hospital representatives and was last updated June 2021.