Looking for a place to chat? I am the facilitator for MotherWell’s weekly virtual support groups: pregnancy (Monday nights at 7pm EST) and postpartum (Monday nights at 8pm EST). Click here for more information and to sign up.

Wanting to learn? I have several different class offerings that cover early pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, grandparent support, bereavement support, and more. I offer these classes both in-person (usually in the South Bend, IN, area) and virtually.

Check out the Classes tab for more information!

Want to know your birthing options and figure out your preferences?

If you are looking for help forming or filling out your birth plan/preferences, I offer prenatal meetings for $55 each. These typically last 60-90 minutes can be done virtually if you are not in my geographic area. I can also offer other consultations upon request. Tell me more through this form about how I can support you.

Seeking a doula as you prepare for your birth?

My birth doula package includes:
text or phone support anytime you want it,
two prenatal meetings for you and any support people you invite,
being on-call 24/7, generally from your 38th week of pregnancy until birth,
up to 12 hours or more of labor support – at your home and / or at the hospital,
one postpartum meeting,
and ongoing pregnancy and parenting support through my community groups.
The investment for this package is $1600.

Please note: After a wonderful decade here in South Bend, I am bidding farewell to the Michiana area. I will not be accepting in-person clients in South Bend due after March 2023.

I am accepting birth doula clients at my new location, St. Louis, MO, due late 2023 and beyond.

Contact me through this link, and we can set up a time to chat about whether I might be the perfect fit for you!

Seeking a bereavement doula? This is a key part of my practice. Please fill out this contact form so we can talk about how I can best support you.

Want to support my bereavement work? You can sponsor my services to make them freely available to families in need here.

Are you a doula looking for help supporting a bereaved family? Schedule a quick call with me here, schedule a mentorship session with me here, or find more options for support at

Don’t yet know what you’re looking for? Let’s chat about it! If you would like to chat with me about other services I provide, please reach out through this site’s contact me form. I will be happy to set up a conversation to determine how I can serve you or to refer you to others who can meet your needs.