Terms Explained: what’s Vitamin K?

You’re looking at your adorable newborn, welcoming them to the world, and then somebody’s asking you about giving them some kind of a shot?! What IS Vitamin K, anyway?

The “Cars” quote that best explains cervical checks

I was excited to recently be featured in a Natural Womanhood article about cervical checks. I was even more excited that they included my very favorite quote from “Cars,” which I think very well illustrates what cervical checks do and do not tell us.

6 ways to progress in labor

You’ve probably heard about measuring progression in labor through dilation (“6 centimeters now!”, or “Ugh, I was 1 centimeter at my last appointmet” – that kind of thing). But did you know that there are five other important steps that we expect to see happen during labor? Here’s a handy breakdown of the six main ways…


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