Pregnancy Updates for Board Gamers

Do you love board games? (Or yard games, a few of those managed their way onto this list!) Enjoy this review of fetal development told through the lens of common games you might have in your home.

A human milk resource for Michiana and beyond: The Milk Bank

One of my favorite resources here in Indiana (and beyond!) is the Milk Bank. The Milk Bank is an Indianapolis-based non-profit that works to make human milk available for more babies. Given the incredible benefits of human milk, especially for babies who face a lot of medical challenges, this work is vital, especially in Indiana…

The “Cars” quote that best explains cervical checks

I was excited to recently be featured in a Natural Womanhood article about cervical checks. I was even more excited that they included my very favorite quote from “Cars,” which I think very well illustrates what cervical checks do and do not tell us.


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