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Early Pregnancy Class

You’re pregnant, or you’re trying to get pregnant – you don’t have time to sort out the tall tales from the science-based suggestions. And you don’t have to; I’ve got you covered .

If you’re looking for confidential prenatal education even before your first OB/midwife visit, click below.

A 2-hour class typically covers research-based recommendations for pregnancy and some common experiences pregnant people have. The investment for this class is $80.

A 4-hour class typically covers researched-based recommendations for pregnancy, common experiences during pregnancy, prenatal testing, fetal development, and strategies for processing pregnancy anxiety. The investment for this class is $120.

These classes can be personalized. If you’re interested in that option, I’ll send you a list of topics we can cover and you tell me what sounds most helpful.

Group Childbirth Education Class

Get the info and practice you need to walk into labor and delivery confidently!

You’re not in this alone; you can have a whole team beside you, me included.

You invest $200 for a 9-hour Lamaze class, typically spread over three sessions. I provide this course in both virtual and in-person formats. Let’s get you and some fellow parents ready for birth!

Private Childbirth Education Class

Want all the info and none of the strangers? Or, want a curriculum designed solely around your needs and expectations for birth?

You’ve got it. And I’ve got you.

Length of these Lamaze classes and prices vary, so you can choose exactly what you need. The investment for a 3-hour class is $95; for a 6-hour class is $170; and for a 9-hour class is $250. You can choose between virtual and in-person options. Kick us off by sending me a note about what you’re looking for.

Newborn Care Class

You meet your baby; then what?

The process of becoming a parent doesn’t just end after birth or adoption. It’s an ongoing learning process, and I’m here to walk you through the newborn stage.

The investment for this 3-hour class is $95.

(This is a really great shower gift, btw.)

Grandparents Refresher Class

Congratulations on your recent promotion to grandparent!

As you take on this new role, maybe you have questions about how to be an awesome support for your kids. Maybe you want to be up to date on the latest medical recommendations. Or maybe you’re just looking for a quick refresher because it’s been a hot minute since you’ve changed a diaper.

The investment for this 3-hour class is $95.

“Abby taught my newborn parenting class for me, and I was blown away by her ability to connect with the moms and dads. They felt comfortable and affirmed, while also learning so much from Abby’s immense wisdom. I’m so grateful we were blessed by Abby’s presence!”

— Becky in South Bend, IN

“Thank you so so much it was such a pleasure speaking with you and thank you for all of this amazing information! This is extremely helpful and I truly appreciate you taking the time to talk with me and educate me and give me these resources!! You are amazing!”

— Client, 30 min CBE class

“My husband and I took a childbirth education class from Abby before the birth of our second daughter. We hoped to have a VBAC, and we wanted to be as prepared as possible. Abby created a class for us that included an in-depth discussion of VBACs. She is an excellent teacher and a gifted researcher. She presented a complete picture of what to expect, answered our questions, and helped us understand all of our options with lots of patience and empathy. We felt very confident going into the delivery room prepared with information.  I was able to have a VBAC, and now we are home with our daughter, and we are using the postpartum tips that Abby gave us.  We are so glad we decided to take her class!”

– Elsa