Gain skills and tools to walk with families saying goodbye.

If you have friends or family members who have experienced, are experiencing, or anticipate experiencing pregnancy loss,

if you work with people who frequently experience a pregnancy loss,

or if you are considering working as a bereavement doula, chaplain, or other kind of grief work,

this course is for you.

See upcoming dates and times here.

This five-hour training – which I teach through the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death – offers guidance, tools, and preparation in order to support others through pregnancy loss. In this two-session training, I will work with you to build your confidence and clarity in how to walk with those affected by pregnancy loss. Together, we will study three ways in which you can hold space in situations of early loss.

Get curious and confident about supporting families in formation.

If you’re thinking about becoming a doula,  lactation consultant, or other birth worker…

If you plan to minister to families during pregnancy and birth, and you need more understanding in order to do that well…

If you’ve ever wanted to take a childbirth ed course but the instructor wouldn’t let you sign up because you weren’t pregnant…

this course is for you.

Contact me here for upcoming dates and to apply.

In this course, you will:

learn how pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum period work;

experience a childbirth education class,  like your clients/friends might;

gain tools for discernment of how you can best support families; and

connect with other people interested in supporting families.

“Abby taught my newborn parenting class for me, and I was blown away by her ability to connect with the moms and dads. They felt comfortable and affirmed, while also learning so much from Abby’s immense wisdom. I’m so grateful we were blessed by Abby’s presence!”

— Becky in South Bend, IN

“Thank you so so much it was such a pleasure speaking with you and thank you for all of this amazing information! This is extremely helpful and I truly appreciate you taking the time to talk with me and educate me and give me these resources!! You are amazing!”

— Client, 30 min CBE class

“My husband and I took a childbirth education class from Abby before the birth of our second daughter. We hoped to have a VBAC, and we wanted to be as prepared as possible. Abby created a class for us that included an in-depth discussion of VBACs. She is an excellent teacher and a gifted researcher. She presented a complete picture of what to expect, answered our questions, and helped us understand all of our options with lots of patience and empathy. We felt very confident going into the delivery room prepared with information.  I was able to have a VBAC, and now we are home with our daughter, and we are using the postpartum tips that Abby gave us.  We are so glad we decided to take her class!”

– Elsa