A reflection for Holy Saturday

I’ve been really sitting with a passage from Hope Deferred by Rev. Dr. Serene Jones. I wanted to share it with you today, Holy Saturday, as I and others commemorate the time between Jesus’s death and resurrection.

New training: Caring for Clients through Loss

I’m excited to say that I’ve launched a new course, “Caring for Clients through Loss: A doula’s short guide to bereavement support.” This course is made for doulas who need bereavement support information and strategies fast and now. You can learn more about the course at this link. If you have a friend who is…

My conference talk on miscarriage and the Fall

A few months back, I had the honor of speaking at the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture Fall Conference on a panel entitled “On Death and Natural Evils.” I spoke about miscarriage and the Fall, specifically addressing some of the pain points that I and other loss parents can encounter in Catholic discussions…

Sometimes, for loss parents, NFP is the worst.

Next week is Natural Family Planning (NFP) Week 2022. Before social media feeds (especially Catholic-leaning ones) fill up with cool things about NFP, I want to highlight one really important aspect of NFP that is difficult for many: miscarriage.


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