Caring for Clients through Loss

If you’re a doula and you need a bereavement training RIGHT NOW, this is the training for you.

I built this course around the most common, urgent questions I’d get from doulas.

“I’m on my way to support a family through a miscarriage; what do I say or not say?”

“I just got the call that the baby passed away. I feel so overwhelmed with grief. How can I be there for them in a healthy way?”

“I just attended a birth that resulted in an unexpected loss. What resources should I be looking for for this family?”

So I created a course that gives you these answers – when, where, and how you need them.

WHEN: When you join the course, you immediately get access to three hours of bite-sized information. It’s all recorded, so I can walk you through how I approach grief work based on a decade of experience and significant academic study, even when I’m not awake.

WHERE: It’s all online. And, it’s all in bite-sized, labeled chunks. The information is broken up into short videos on different topics so you can quickly find the info you are looking for. Need to know what to say and what not to say? Go straight to that video. Wondering what considerations you should have to support a family through a miscarriage? I’ve got that info for you there. Trying to imagine how to care for your own grief while caring for your clients? There are five strategies ready for you to learn.

HOW: When you need this course, you need it to be as accessible as possible. So, the course is available in both video (with caption) and audio formats. If you’re driving to meet your client, download the audio and listen safely on the way.

Also, this course is accredited for continuing education hours with DONA International, so if you are looking for recertification, completing this whole course will get you three accredited hours.

Do you have any questions about the course? Email me at