Three presentations I’m excited to give this weekend

Here's where they'll be and what I'll be speaking on.

4 science-backed ways paid leave is good for women & children’s health

Did you know that research indicates that paid maternity leave is really good for women's and newborns' health?

Building community – and rebuilding it when trucks drive through your walls: an interview with the doula behind The Mother Well

In which I mostly interview Victoria – about her work as a doula, the resources for parents she’s created at Mother Well Doula, her secret life as a young adult fiction writer, and her advice for being a mom and a small business owner –, and then, for a few minutes at the end, we have a back-and-forth conversation about doulas and privacy. 

How to administer emotional first aid when informed of a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death

There are many situations in which you might learn that someone has experienced the loss of a child. No matter how long ago the loss occurred, or no matter how well you know the person, their grief is real and I encourage you to validate and support them through emotional first aid. This infographic walks you through how to do that and gives you examples of what you might say.

Postpartum got me feelin’ some kinda way: 5 common perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

Negative impacts on the mental health of parents with new babies are often grouped into different types of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, often called PMADs. In this post, I'll explain the signs, prevalence, and resources for five PMADs.