4 reasons to hire a doula when you’re planning to get an epidural

For part one of my series on epidurals, I'd love to share with you four really important reasons why you should hire a doula when you're planning to get an epidural.

Exploring Mary’s Birth Story: what the debate about Jesus’ delivery can teach us

As you probably know if you've followed this blog for a while or if you've met me in real life, my Catholic faith informs a lot of my understanding of birth and death. So, as a Christmas special, I want to share with you a piece I wrote earlier this year about Mary's birth story and Jesus' delivery.

How to get updates on local covid-19 hospital policies regarding doulas

Every Thursday, I call my local hospitals (Beacon Memorial in South Bend; St. Joe in Mishawaka; and Elkhart General in Elkhart) and check in on the hospital policies. In the upheaval of the pandemic, I want to make sure I know the latest info and I have what I need in order to practice at… Continue reading How to get updates on local covid-19 hospital policies regarding doulas

Building community – and rebuilding it when trucks drive through your walls: an interview with the doula behind The Mother Well

In which I mostly interview Victoria – about her work as a doula, the resources for parents she’s created at Mother Well Doula, her secret life as a young adult fiction writer, and her advice for being a mom and a small business owner –, and then, for a few minutes at the end, we have a back-and-forth conversation about doulas and privacy.