6 ways to progress in labor

You've probably heard about measuring progression in labor through dilation ("6 centimeters now!", or "Ugh, I was 1 centimeter at my last appointmet" – that kind of thing). But did you know that there are five other important steps that we expect to see happen during labor? Here's a handy breakdown of the six main ways people progress in labor.

4 reasons to hire a doula when you’re planning to get an epidural

For part one of my series on epidurals, I'd love to share with you four really important reasons why you should hire a doula when you're planning to get an epidural.

How to get updates on local covid-19 hospital policies regarding doulas

Every Thursday, I call my local hospitals (Beacon Memorial in South Bend; St. Joe in Mishawaka; and Elkhart General in Elkhart) and check in on the hospital policies. In the upheaval of the pandemic, I want to make sure I know the latest info and I have what I need in order to practice at… Continue reading How to get updates on local covid-19 hospital policies regarding doulas

Terms Explained: what are prostaglandins?

Did you know that the same weird thing in your body can 1) make periods painful, 2) help cure newborns of certain kinds of heart disease, and 3) make a uterus contract? Welcome to the confusing and impressive world of prostaglandins. Check out this article to learn more!