4 reasons to hire a doula when you’re planning to get an epidural

For part one of my series on epidurals, I'd love to share with you four really important reasons why you should hire a doula when you're planning to get an epidural.

10 feeding affirmations to send your friends and loved ones

It's World Breastfeeding Month, so (like always) it's great time to cheer on your friends or loved ones who are breastfeeding or doing any other amazing and arduous tasks to make sure that children are fed! So, to make encouraging them easier for you, I've created some feeding affirmation cards.

CDC-recommended routine vaccinations from birth to age 18

If you're like me, you might be showing up blurry-eyed and exhausted to your newborn's countless doctor appointments, just hoping you remembered to wear pants. Keeping track of what vaccines the pediatrician will ask you about can seem like a nearly impossible task. Now, you don't have to. I made a handy list for you here.