How to make a decision

We all make millions of decisions everyday, but some decisions are harder than others. Should we start trying to conceive? Should I get tested for infertility? Should I adopt? Should I use an epidural for my birth? These kinds of questions, and many others around medical care or family formation, can cause a lot of stress and anxiety that can further hinder your decision-making process.

If you struggle with making decisions, here are ten questions to consider as a way to streamline your process.


How do I make a decision? Think about the background, approach, and practical questions.

Background Questions:

What is the decision I need to make?

Whom will my decision impact?

When do I need to make this decision?

Approach Questions:

Whose input do I want to consider as I make this decision?

What values do I hold that will guide my decision making?

Practical Questions:

What are the potentially helpful outcomes?

What are the potentially harmful outcomes?

What other paths can I take?

What does my gut say?

What happens if I wait or do nothing?

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