Meet Thea!

I’d like to announce the arrival of a new member of Team AbbytheSociologistDoula: Thea!

Baby Thea, the fetal model

Thea weighs 0 lbs and 11 oz, measuring at 17.5 inches long. She arrived Saturday after a WEEK-LONG DELIVERY. (Keep in mind that her medical provider was FedEx.)


But seriously, Thea is my new fetal model to help me with my childbirth education classes and videos. She shows lots of aspects of what a full-term baby looks like and feels like. For example, she has fontanelles in her head just as fetuses/newborns do, and she has a snap at her belly button to show how an umbilical cord attaches. Thea also brought with her an umbilical cord, placenta, amniotic sac, two uteruses, and a pelvis. I’ll be showing them all off over time.

A friend gave me the idea to name Thea after Thea Bowman, a Black Catholic nun, music-lover, and academic from Mississippi who lived and worked in Wisconsin for a while (a state dear to my heart). Sr. Thea’s perspective on suffering has been very influential for me. You can read more about Sr. Thea here.

Are you looking for childbirth education classes? Contact me for more information!

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