Announcing: the Mother Well Bereavement Boxes

Well, dear Reader, you might remember Victoria Wilson, owner of The Mother Well, from the interview she gave us earlier this year where she talked about a truck driving through her storefront, Babypalooza, and much more.

Victoria runs an online storefront where you can buy gift boxes to send friends – or yourself – for various stages of parenting.

I was honored to help put together the new Mother Well Bereavement Box, a gift box designed specifically for a parent grieving an early loss.

The Mother Well Bereavement Box, photo by Victoria Wilson

We designed the box for any stage of grief, no matter how proximate. So if you’re looking for a gift for someone experiencing a loss right now, or if you’re hoping to send comfort to a friend who is grieving a loss thirty years ago, this box was designed to meet those needs.

You can purchase the Bereavement Box from the Mother Well online shop for $30 (with free shipping).

I’m so grateful to Victoria and to our Bereavement Retreat sponsors for making these boxes possible.

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