Book Review: May We Have Enough to Share

An example of a page, “May we have enough to help.” In the background, our dog helping by serving as a bookrest.

Book: May We Have Enough to Share

Author: Richard Van Camp.

Overview: This adorable baby book features reminders of gratitude through requests for the most beautiful kinds of things.

Morals or lessons: We probably have a lot more than we remember we have. And what we have is ours to share.

Age range: perfect for everyone.
Given that it’s a short book (and our version is a board book), it’s easy to read to little littles. But older children may thoroughly enjoy the adorable babies and caretakers pictured, and early readers may feel masterful when they can read this book aloud. And, not going to lie, I need the reminders in this book as a grown adult. 

Format: one story, twenty-four pages.

Visual/reading ease: high.
Visual ease is very high, and the pictures (of children and caretakers) are beautiful.
Some of the words will be tricky for beginning readers (a few examples of challenging vocabulary: enough, lighten, success, sweetness, and mystery), but this is a great book for practicing those.

Biggest pro: the moral of the story is so beautiful, and that’s reflected in the pages of the book. 
I love how this book presents the idea of “enough; ” it’s just beautifully done. And the author, Van Camp, who belongs to the Dene nation, worked with Indigenous women photographers who illustrated the book in a gorgeous manner. There’s an adorable baby (and an adult or two) on every page spread. If you’re looking for a book on generosity, and/or to include more Indigenous voices and faces on your bookshelf, it’s a great choice.

Biggest con: how short the book is.
At only eleven sentences long, this is a quick read. Almost too quick. Then again, that might make it the perfect “Okay, one last book but then SERIOUSLY BEDTIME” book.

Fun factor: calm sweetness.
The adorableness of the photos create the main fun factor, which results in a book that is more “peaceful” fun than “rollicking” fun.

How much heart: the whole heart.
This book is one that makes you take a relaxed, deep breath after reading it. And without getting too “in this day and age” ish, I think the message is very needed. Since its arrival in our home, it has become one of my favorites to read, and I hope it will become one of yours too.

Re-readability: high.
It’s short. It’s easy. It’s beautiful.
And if you don’t want to read it yourself, or if you want to check out the whole book, you can play this youtube video in your stead.

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