Let’s be honest about the vaccine

I’ll get right to my point. The question of vaccination can be really difficult, but no matter what someone’s stance on the covid-19 vaccine is, they should not mislead people about it. Doulas included. 

Recently, the first hospital in our area decided to start requiring that doulas be vaccinated against covid-19 (St. Joe in Mishawaka). 

And just this week, I got hired by yet another couple who was looking explicitly for a doula who was vaccinated against covid-19. (As far as I’m aware, I’m one of only four in our area.) 

Also this week, I noticed an uptick in posts on doula social media about ways to appeal to clients who want vaccinated doulas if the doulas aren’t vaccinated, including some that advocated complete dishonesty. 

I’m here to say, I’m vaccinated against covid-19. I have my six-month booster too. And you don’t need to take my word for it; if you decide to have a consult with me to see if I’m a good fit for your support team, I’ll happily show you my immunization records. 

I’m proud of the choice I made to get vaccinated, as part of my ongoing efforts to protect me, my family, my clients, and my community from covid-19.

And I want doulas to be held to a standard of honesty around the risk of interacting with someone who is or is not vaccinated. 

If you’re looking for a doula, and you want someone who you know is allowed into St. Joe in Mishawaka, or you want someone who is less likely to get covid-19 or transmit covid-19 to you, I might be a good fit for your team. Message me so we can chat and find out! 

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