Goodbye, South Bend; hello, St. Louis!

This announcement is very bittersweet.

South Bend, Indiana, has been my home for over a decade, since I first moved into Badin Hall and began my first year of study at the University of Notre Dame. I’m so grateful for the community and opportunities here. Those two factors together have jumpstarted the Jorgensen family into the next adventure: moving to St. Louis.

Currently, I’m a sociology PhD candidate at the University of Notre Dame. I’ve defended my dissertation (Dr. Jorgensen, at your service), and when I graduate next month I’ll officially have my PhD. Then, this summer, we’ll be moving, as I’ve joyfully accepted a job offer as an assistant professor of sociology and health care ethics at St. Louis University.

The Jorgensen Family, sharing the exciting news!

When I say “assistant professor,” I mean that I’m a professor who is on the tenure track (basically, I’ll have some wonderful long-term options for promotion). I’ll be teaching undergrad and grad students and doing research. It’s really a dream job for me.

Also, I’ll get to do it at a Jesuit school, meaning it’s run by a Catholic organization that’s very focused on service. It’s an amazing fit for who I am and what I do.

I’m thrilled for this transition, but it’s also difficult to leave so many wonderful people in South Bend: my local clients, my amazing backup doulas (whom I’ll list here in case you’re looking for a doula in the Michiana area – Kristen Schell, Liam Lynn, and Jamie Lake), my academic colleagues, and so many dear friends. We are looking forward to continuing those relationships from afar.

My first week at Notre Dame … a really long time ago

What will life look like in St. Louis?

I’m excited to find out! I have the incredible opportunity to keep doing sociology the way I’ve hoped and worked for. I’ll be able to incorporate more and more of my interest in health care ethics, as well, especially surrounding perinatal loss. I’m looking forward to these exciting ways to further blend my work as a scholar and as a doula.

I’ll be accepting clients in St. Louis and virtually at a slower rate than usual as my family transitions to our new home and as I transition into my new role.

I also will continue offering private childbirth education classes, which brings me so much joy.

Overall, my birth work will continue to look a lot of ways, including some new ones afforded by my new job. I’m so excited to share those with you as they come to fruition. In the meantime, please send me prayers and good vibes as we prepare to move (and if you’re local, let’s plan coffee before I leave).

The gorgeous statue of Jesus holding a little one just outside the church on campus at SLU; a photo I took the first night of my interview trip

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