New training: Caring for Clients through Loss

I’m excited to say that I’ve launched a new course, “Caring for Clients through Loss: A doula’s short guide to bereavement support.”

This course is made for doulas who need bereavement support information and strategies fast and now. You can learn more about the course at this link.

If you have a friend who is becoming a doula, this is a fantastic gift to get for them. It’s even accredited for continuing education hours with one of the most respected doula organizations in the world (DONA International), so it’s a great gift for the experienced doula in your life who needs to keep up on their certification hours too!

And, if you’re a doula, this course will walk you through the fundamental questions doulas ask me about bereavement support, from “My client just experienced a miscarriage; what do I say or not say?”, to “What does labor support look like during a stillbirth?”, to “What do I do with my fee after a loss?” You can get the answers you need to these key questions, when you need them.

If you’re wondering about the difference between this and my Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss class, check out my Instagram highlight on “trainings”. And if you have any questions, just email me!

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