Wait, what do human embryos eat??

Have you ever wondered what human embryos eat before the placenta starts delivering them nutrients?


And wow, was it fascinating. In fact, it was a big part of the latest episode of Fascinating Ordinary, a podcast about everyday things that are actually amazing. I’m thrilled to cohost this show with Jennifer Dudley (who is the brains behind the operation). But on this particular episode, I got to take lead and lean into my expertise as we talked about how humans get nutrients in our earliest days and years.

If you want to learn about what humans eat and how, from conception up through first birthdays, check out episode 4 of Fascinating Ordinary wherever you listen to your podcasts.

(Trigger warning: we do briefly mention ectopic pregnancies.)

If you’re curious about what and how slightly older humans (meaning toddlers and kids) eat, subscribe to our podcast so you can check out Feeding Littles Part 2, our next episode, where Jennifer walks me through picky eating.

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