A VERY discounted class this weekend (and an announcement)

This upcoming week holds anniversaries that can be full of emotion, especially for folks in the United States.

Parents, I am dedicated to supporting you.

It is my goal to make sure you know that you are supported and treasured and held.

So in addition to running the free weekly MotherWell community groups on Monday night as always, here’s what my support looks like this week:

I am running the steepest discount I’ve ever offered (and plan to ever offer) on my virtual childbirth education class this Saturday – $25, rather than $75.

Whether you’re looking for a first-time intro to the world of childbirth, or a last-minute refresher course, join me on Saturday from 12pm – 3pm EST!

And hey, support people: this makes a great impromptu baby shower gift or just I’m-thinking-of-you gift!

And here’s the announcement bit: I’m also excited to say that I got the notification last week that I passed my Lamaze exam, which means that I can do that cool “Abby Jorgensen, LCCE” thing I did just there! I’m thrilled to have earned the most prestigious certification in the world for childbirth educators. It’s helped me expand my skillset and to sharpen my focus on what I love about teaching childbirth education: making parents feel more comfortable and confident as they approach labor and delivery. More on that soon.

Anyway, please consider joining me on Saturday, or share this info with a friend!

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