The Notre Dame Social Justice Award

This year, the University of Notre Dame awarded me its Social Justice Award for my scholarship and community work on mothers, especially bereaved mothers.

I’ve been so honored that my advisor and director of graduate studies nominated me. And I’ve been so excited that my academic institution recognized and honored the work I do both inside and alongside academia.

You can read the letter and see photos below, and you can see a recording my dear friend took of the award ceremony here.

The video guest-stars my daughter. It was unplanned but very special to get to receive the award holding her, given that my work (both academic and community) is about motherhood.

The award letter, which makes me tear up whenever I read it.
Receiving the award (photo credit: the Grad School)
After the ceremony, photo credit to Terry
Commencement, where I was recognized. Photo credit: me screenshotting commencement.
The award plaque

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