6 ways to help parents during the formula shortage

There’s a massive formula shortage facing the United States and several other countries right now. Many families rely on formula to feed their little ones, and they’re facing an extremely stressful situation as that food becomes scarce and hard to find.

You can help!

You don’t need to know a concentrated formula from a ready-to-use, or an advance from a from a pro-advance. There are a lot of ways that you can make it easier for families to feed their babies. Here are six ideas.

Do you physically go to the grocery store?

Make a list of formulas used by people you know and check for them when you go to the store. Even if you can’t buy the formula for them, you can let them know when and where it’s in stock.

Do you shop online?

Whenever you shop for yourself, do a quick check for formulas needed by families you know and give them a heads up if you find something in stock.

Do you have Facebook or other social media accounts?

Join an online mutual aid group, such as Infant Formula Watch, and upload a picture of what’s on the shelves every time you head to the store, or what’s available online every time you shop.

Do you have a Costco membership?

Costcos seem to be the best place to find lots of formulas right now. So if you can pick up formula for someone who doesn’t have a membership, that’s a huge gift!

Do you have time to run errands?

Offer to do pickup for families who can order their formula but must pick up in store.

Do you have some extra cash?

Sometimes it’s easier to find premade formula (which is more expensive) than powdered formula. And sometimes, families have to pay for shipping to get their formula when it isn’t available in the area. A gift card to a store or a quick venmo could be really helpful for a family faced with higher price tags for the available formula.

Need some help wording the offer of help?

Here you go! I drafted a couple of post ideas for you:

If your family is struggling to find formula, how can I help? Please message me.

I know many families are struggling to find formula these days. I’d love to help you find what you need! I often go to (Kroger, Aldi, and Costco) in the (Mishawaka) area. Please drop the details on your family’s formula in the comments, and I’ll let you know as soon as I see it!

Do you know someone who is looking for formula? I love shopping online, and I’d jump at the opportunity to put those skills to good use in helping them hunt down the formula their little one needs.

Hey, families in (my area)! I’ve got a car and some extra time to run errands. So if you find the formula you need but can only get it through pickup, let me know; I’d love to run grab it for you.

Thank you for your commitment to helping families feed their little ones!

Do you have another suggestion for how to support families through the formula shortage? Comment below!

Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash

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