Lactate Like a Champion Today: inside the mysterious Corbett lactation room

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

I have an exciting update to share on where you can lactate like a champion on gamedays at the University of Notre Dame. It’s all thanks to a friend and reader – Julia Kimmel – who FOUND the mysterious Corbett lactation room!

If you don’t remember, this was the lactation room that was listed on websites but that no one I talked to had ever seen in person, and that I (as someone who is lactating) couldn’t access on non-gamedays or on gamedays unless I had a ticket to the game.

But Julia attended last week’s football game, found the Corbett room, and sent me a picture and a review!

Photo credit: Julia Kimmel

In her words:

“The ushers only had a vague idea where it was, and had to escort me there, so anyone with a hungry baby instead of a pump would want to ask with plenty of notice. The room is usually used by the psych dept for group mediation so it doesn’t have any of the specific things that other spaces have, but comfy seats, three tables, and an outlet”

“The lights were dimmable, which was nice, I used it to get Benjamin to sleep. No lock but it was out of the way enough that it didn’t feel like someone might burst in”

Thanks to Julia for her detective work!

If you have access to a rarely-accessible lactation room, or an insider view of a space on campus that more people should know about, I’d love to hear about it. Send me an IG message, FB message, or email!

The Mysterious Corbett Lactation Room

No one I talked to seemed to know how I could get access to Corbett E469 outside of buying a ticket to a football game, going into the game, and asking an usher to nurse or pump in that room (a little outside my budget for this blog post – if you’re interested in sponsoring that effort, let me know!). But I was able to visit Duncan W211 on a non-gameday.

The Beautiful Duncan Lactation Room

I got easy access to the Duncan room by asking the staff on the ground floor to unlock it for me. Unlike many of the other lactation rooms I’ve used at the University, this one doesn’t have a swipe card for members of the University family. But all I did was ask; the front desk worker had been trained in where the key was, where the room was, and what he needed to do, so that was that.

So, there you have it. Two spots to pump or nurse on gamedays.

I’ll keep trying to get into the other room, and I’ll update this post if I do. But keep in mind that it does exist and is usable.

If you have any questions about the lactation spaces, feel free to ask security or the ushers in the stadium or at the library.


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