Babywearing 101: a resource list for babywearing

If you’re new to the world of babywearing, welcome! I’m so excited you’re here. If you’re a pro, I hope you’ll share your wisdom and advice with our other readers!


Here are a list of blog posts I’ve written on babywearing:

The ABCs of Babywearing: an internet lingo dictionary


Here are a list of videos I’ve made to support you in babywearing:

Safety Tips for Babywearing

How to protect rings while washing slings


Photo by Kyle Nieber on Unsplash



Hey, dear reader. Below you’ll find some info about how much fun I got to have with the babywearing community in South Bend and the Michiana area in July 2021! If you’d like to see these events repeated, just let me know and we can make it happen.


Here are the community events that I hosted:

Babywearing Meetup, July 7, 3pm-4pm, Notre Dame Family Resource Center.


Intro to Babywearing Class, July 22, 10am-10:45am, Women’s Care Center on Ironwood.
Check out the Parenting Class Schedule listed here for more details.


Local Babywearing Meetup, July 31, 10am-11am, Howard Park.


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