6 things to do when you feel helpless

Feeling helpless at the moment? This infographic gives you six ideas of action steps you can take.



What to Do When You Feel Helpless

“Helpless: unable to do anything to help yourself or anyone else.” – Cambridge English Dictionary

1. Meditate or pray.
Reflect on and accept the sensation of helplessness, whether you are grateful for it or not. Work toward being at peace with not being in control.

2. Watch your self-talk.
Stop yourself from telling yourself lies. Talk to yourself as you would to a small child who felt overwhelmed. Be encouraging and honest in your self-talk.

3. Find beauty.
Look for something beautiful. Use as many senses as you can: sight (a sunrise), smell (a cup of coffee), touch (a soft blanket), taste (a delicious piece of chocolate), and sound (the voice of a loved one).

4. Learn a new skill.
Try picking up a new ability. Even if it will not help you gain control over the situation you are in, it will help you orient your energy in a positive way. You might consider learning a mental skill (chess), emotional skill (opposite action),  or physical skill (rock climbing).

5. Seek out help.
Ask someone else – someone who can be more objective than you can – for their view of the situation. Friends, family, or mental health professionals can give you new perspectives or help you see things you could not before.

6. Help someone else.
While you may be helpless in one situation, you can be powerful and agentic in another. Reach out to someone who may feel helpless in their own way. You might make a care package for a friend or purchase supplies or food for a local charity.


Created by Abigail Jorgensen

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