A World Doula Week Giveaway for all doulas

Hey doulas and birth workers! It’s the most wonderful time of the year: WORLD DOULA WEEK!

And how better to celebrate than with free stuff?

I’m so excited to be a part of the World Doula Week Giveaway this year! There are tools, templates, and trainings to help you grow your confidence, clients, and charisma. And you get to pick any gifts that will be helpful to you, all for free.

My contribution to this amazing giveaway is a short training on caring for your grief while supporting someone else’s. In this training, I go over five main strategies (and lots of specific application ideas) for how to process grief as you serve clients who are experiencing perinatal loss. This training is my thank-you for your bravery and courage in entering into clients’ pain, and I hope it helps you care for yourself as you do so.

You can claim this gift, and so many others!, at the World Doula Week Giveaway website. Thank you for the work you do, and enjoy your gifts!

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