Abby, wearing red glasses and a pink shirt with her hair in a ponytail, smiling and holding up the certificate declaring her a DONA International certified doula

I’m a certified doula — again!

I’m excited to announce that I have earned my birth doula certification with DONA International!

I’ve been a certified birth doula for a while, but I wanted to earn the DONA International certification for a couple of reasons:

First, DONA International is a part of all of the national and state-level conversations about insurance coverage for doulas. This makes a lot of sense, given that it is one of the largest and most renowned certifying organization for doulas. So, earning my certification with DONA International ensures that my clients have the highest possible chance of their insurance (including Medicaid) covering their investment in my services.

Second, DONA International fits my other goals for certification. I get and stay certified as a public commitment to the scope of practice and code of conduct that I uphold; further, my potential clients also know that there is an organization that holds me to those standards. Also, getting certified with DONA International shows both my commitment to my work, which is recognized even by such a large organization, and my dedication to continuing education (through the recertification process).

I’m really excited about this great news, and I think folks who are considering hiring me should be too!


— Abby Jorgensen, CD(DONA)

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