Thank you for an amazing 2021

Can you believe it?! Just a few weeks left in 2021?

I’m wrapping up all the details of the past year – identifying areas of growth, celebrating wins, examining the budget, calculating the taxes… (also trying to find a uterus that went missing at some point during the year – just a model, but still…) –, and I just keep getting overwhelmed with gratitude.

I’m so grateful for YOU, dear reader! Thank you for being a part of this community! Thank you for the engagement, the encouragement, the questions, the conversations, and the support you’ve given this very small business.

It means a lot.

I’m grateful for YOU, my 2021 clients! You invited me into your homes, your hospital rooms, and your Zoom screens; into your joys and / or your sorrows; into your fears and hopes and dreams and confidences;

thank you so much for the opportunity to walk with you as a member of your support team this past year.

It’s such an honor.

And last but not least, I’m grateful for the team of people it takes to make doula life possible. (More details on that to come in another post.)

Thank you all.

(Please let me know if you see a uterine model lying around.)

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