Introducing: the Early Pregnancy Class!

If you’re thinking about trying to get pregnant, or if you recently found out that you’re pregnant, you might be looking for a lot of things:

  • information on healthy habits during early pregnancy, especially as you wait for that first visit with your OB or midwife;
  • a way to sort out fact and fiction in the recommendations friends, family, and the internet throw your way;
  • someone to walk with you and support you before you’ve told the world about your new little one;
  • ideas for handling morning sickness;
  • and/or help sorting out what you know and figuring out what you don’t know!

Good news: I’m now offering an Early Pregnancy Class to meet you in each or all of those desires. This class is evidence-based, private, and discreet. You can take this class by yourself or with a support person, online or in-person.

Best of all, I tailor this course entirely to your needs. I send you a checklist of topics, and you choose the ones that you want to cover.

Prices start at $30 and are determined by how much content you want included in your customized class.

You’ve got this. And if you want to put an expert on your team right away, I’m a message away.

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