Father’s Day: 12 internet resources for bereaved dads

On this Father’s Day, I want to highlight 12 internet resources for bereaved dads.

If you are looking for a helpful overview of grief for dads, this webpage from the Miscarriage Association explains what miscarriage is, what you and your partner might be experiencing, and what resources you might turn to as you and your partner grieve.

If you’re wondering what to expect from Father’s Day as a bereaved dad, this essay from Andy Gillette (father of Simon, deceased) may be helpful.

If you feel alone or are looking for others, here are four resources for solidarity:

Grieving Dads is an online blog where dads can anonymously share their stories of loss. As I write this, there are nearly 900 stories shared on the site. It is run by Kelly Farley, bereaved father of Katie and Noah.

The Bereaved Dads Network offers resources, coaching, virtual support groups, and more.

If you’re a fan of the internet sensation Art of Manliness, you might be interested in their feature article entitled “How a Man Handles a Miscarriage“, written by Marcus Brotherton, father of Addy, Luke (deceased), Skye (deceased), Zachary, Macy/Nikki (deceased), and one on the way, (first name TBD) Faith.

If Reddit is more your thing, this thread might provide you with some helpful companionship.

If you’re looking for things to do as you get to know your grief, Chase Reeves made a list of 36 ideas. Reeves is a father to Aidan and to Rowan, who died shortly before birth.

If research is what you need right now, this article provides an in-depth case study of the psychology of a bereaved dad but also features a very thorough literature review of academic articles on men and miscarriage that may serve as a useful list for further reading.

And if you’re looking for community, here are three closed Facebook groups for grieving fathers:
Grieving Fathers
Sad Dads Club
Grieving Dads Project

Lastly, here are five gentle reminders I’d like to provide you about grief. If there is some way that I can support you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I wish you a beautiful Father’s Day filled with comfort.

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