Mother’s Day, according to Jane the Virgin

One of my favorite tv shows is Jane the Virgin, a CW dramedy/telenovela currently available on Netflix (spoilers ahead).

The show is about a young woman named Jane who, though a virgin, conceives a child through a medical accident. I think the show is, at its heart, about family and particularly about motherhood. So here are my wishes for your Mother’s Day, based in Jane the Virgin characters; they apply even if your mom and/or stepmom isn’t an international crime lord.

If you’re a mom (Jane, Xo, Alba, Petra, and so many more),
If you’re a loss mom (Petra, Patricia),
If you’re a stepmom or bonus mom (Jane, Petra, Xo, JR),
If you’re a grandma (Alba, Xo),
If you’re not able to be a mom (Lina),
If you’re a birth mom (Rafael’s mother),
If you’re a foster mom (the nuns who ran Rafael’s orphanage);

If you feel like you can’t connect with your children (Petra),
If you didn’t plan to become a mother when you did (Jane),
If you find your identity outside of motherhood (everyone, especially Petra and Jane the Writer),
If you’re caring for your ill child (Alba),
If you worry about your child’s health (Jane),
If you experienced postpartum depression (Petra),
If you’re a working mom (so many, from Regina to Petra to Jane),
If you’re working hard to coparent as a mom (Darci, Jane, Petra),
If you feel like your child is your polar opposite (Alba, Xo, Jane),
If you have a complicated relationship with your child (River);

If you’re caring for your ill mother (Jane),
If you’re grieving the loss of your mother (Luisa),
If you’re grieving not knowing your biological mom (Rafael),
If you have a complicated relationship with your mom (Rogelio) or mother-in-law (Jane, Xo),
If you have a bad relationship with your mom (Petra and Anezka);

If you’re working to nurture a child who isn’t your own (everyone but especially Pammy the Parrot);
If you’re a single mom or supporting a single mom (everyone),
If you’re mothering the mother (everyone!), or
If motherhood is a struggle for you (everyone!!)…

I hope you enjoy some time with your family, some moments with God, a grilled cheese sandwich, or whatever else will bring you comfort and joy today.

Wishing you the best on Mother’s Day.

The CW

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