Who can help me grieve?

Here are five ideas of where you can turn to process a loss.

Loved Ones: Family and friends may ask how they can help, and you may struggle to think of an answer. Some possibilities include: going on a walk or to an event, accompanying you through a mourning experience, dropping off meals, writing thank yous on your behalf, or doing a cleaning task around your house.

Priest or Other Religious Leader: Priests and other religious leaders may provide rituals or rites after your loss. They can also provide spiritual counseling and guidance, in addition to supporting you with their prayers.

Bereavement Doula: A bereavement doula can help you navigate the difficulties before, during, and after your loss by walking with you, providing a nonjudgemental and listening ear, and connecting you to any resources you need.

Support Group: A support group can help you realize that you are not alone. Support groups may focus on processing grief or on approaching addictions that intensify because of a loss. Support groups often can connect you to additional resources in your community.

Therapist: A therapist can provide trained mental health counseling and resources as you work to process your grief. Different therapists offer different approaches, so you can find a good fit for the help you are looking for.


Who Can Help Me Grieve? An infographic on where to turn to process a loss.

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